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7 Things You Are Doing That Could Get You Fired0 comments

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It has been three years since the financial crisis struck the world.
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That incident brought so many companies to bankruptcy and so many people to unemployment. In the recent years, people are still struggling to find work to support their families. If you are in the ranks of the employed, consider yourself very fortunate. You should take great care to keep or improve your position in the company you work for. Avoid doing these seven things that could cost you your job.

1. Slacking off

You were hired to perform certain duties and tasks for a set amount of money. You are expected to accomplish your work within the given timeframe. You will be deemed unreliable if you slack off and fail to deliver.

2. Exhibiting disagreeable attitude

It is important that you are able to work well with other people in a group or collaborative setting. If you are unwilling to occasionally do more than your share of work, then it could be taken against you. Being uncooperative is a trait that employers do not want their employees to possess. If you like to argue and disagree for the sake of shaking things up, then you should be wary of getting fired. You can get annoying really fast and your officemates will no longer want to work with you. You are of no use to your employer if all you bring is conflict.

3. Personal use of the internet and phone

You are bound to get noticed if you keep making personal calls, updating your Facebook, and chatting with your friends during office hours. Using company resources to do personal things is a guaranteed way to get fired.

4. Being constantly late and absent

If you accepted a job with a regular schedule, then you are expected to show up and leave at the right hour. Constantly showing up late and always being absent will put a bad mark on your record.

5. Taking extended breaks

Unless your company says otherwise, coffee and lunch breaks have a set time. It would be considered slacking off if you take extended breaks without prior authorization.

6. Violating confidentiality

If you have been asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and you violate it, then you could be in serious trouble. There was a reason you were asked to sign that contract. If you want to continue working for the company, then you should uphold your end of the bargain.

7. Insubordination

Unless your bosses are completely controlling and horrible, then they will understand that you have your opinions and own way of achieving desired results. However, if you always defy their wishes and disobey their instructions, then they could very well fire you.

Everyone’s priority these days is to get back on their feet and recover their financial losses. You are quite lucky to have a job that pays for your basic needs and some of your wants. Always be mindful of your attitude and actions at the office. You certainly do not want to waste this great opportunity and good fortune.

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