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7 Ways To Lavish On The Love0 comments

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Warning: This article about ways to lavish on the love is not for the faint in heart.
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It gets down to the nitty gritty, and it is full of exciting fun that may not be accepted by everyone. I highly suggest you stop reading right now if you are not ready for some serious advice on ways to lavish on the love. One more thought: recommended for marred couples only. I am an advocate for marriage and think these ideas are perfect for married couples in the privacy behind closed doors.

1. Make Yourself Into A Fruit Buffet
It’s a scientific fact that foods like strawberries, melons, apples and dark chocolate increase your love hormone. So, why not combine the two things? Why not surprise your husband with a double feast – you and all your love, topped with fruity goodness drizzled in chocolate! Talk about totally fun and delicious!

2. Pull Out The Blindfolds!
This is something really fun. Blindfolds keep the suspense in what happens next. They are mysterious. They will definitely add some excitement to your night. And his…

3. Blacklight Fun
A black light from Wal-mart and some highlighters are all you need for this! Use the highlighters to draw whatever and wherever you want to. Try “I love you” or “What are you waiting for?” Then turn off the lights and let the fun begin with the black light. You will totally make his night!

4. Boudior Photos
If you really want to make his day, go have a professional boudoir shoot done. The professionals who do these treat it like that – professionally, and won’t release anything on the websites without your permission. You can present him with photos to hang in the room, wallets to take with him, and even a book, filled with your own, handwritten story!

5. Play A Game
Not just any game, but the kind where you he will want to see what disappears next. Do it however you see best. Cards? Spin the bottle? Wii? You could even play Pictionary or Taboo. The choice is yours as long as with every time your husband wins and you loose, something disappears…

6. Have A Home Show
Have you bought a new nightie you can’t wait for him to see you in? Why not host a home fashion show? Model it, along with a couple of you older ones. Then let him decide which one he like the best.

7. Fight!
What about a whipped cream fight? Or a water gun fight? It doesn’t matter what you choose to do as long as it is fun. And romantic. And totally unexpected from you. And exciting. And…

Come on! Try something different! Lavish on the love in any way you choose, but keep it fun and keep it exciting. Don’t let your marriage grow stale. Keep some fun in your date ideas and you will also be one step ahead in your marriage. So, how do you lavish on the love?

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