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8 Magnificent Tips for Using Mascara


Think you’ve heard all the tips for using mascara that you’ll ever need to know?
Lisa Washington|

Well, I’ve got eight magnificent (yes, I just said magnificent) tips for using mascara that you might not even know about yet! Yep, the beauty world is constantly discovering new ways to use and take advantage of this lash definer, so we’ve got to keep ourselves updated on the latest developments!

1. Black And Brown

One of the lesser known tips for using mascara is to use different colored mascara on your lashes. Using black from the roots to the three quarters of the way up to the top, then coating the tips with brown mascara can make eyelashes looking longer and thicker. Some makeup artists even prefer to coat the top lashes with black and the bottom with brown. Try experimenting to see which works best for you!

2. Layer Mascara

The next mascara tip is for ladies who like their lashes to really stand out and aren’t really looking for a natural look. Layering a few different mascara formulas with different types of wands can give you incredible results. Makeup artist Patty Dubroff reports using at least three or four mascaras. She likes to mix mascaras with full brushes to get length, a thin brush for inner corners and lower lashes and a comb wand to separate and define lashes.

3. Wiggle Room

When you’re using mascara, application is just as important as the formula and mascara wand you use. Wiggling the brush at the base of the lashes and working it up to the tips can make lashes look longer and thicker. Contrary to what we might be led to believe, placing mascara near the roots creates the illusion of longer lashes, not the tips.

4. Powder Puff

Another tip when you’re using mascara is to apply powder to the under eye area. Sometimes when you apply mascara to the bottom lashes, it smudges because it’s attracted to eye cream or concealer. Avoid those dreaded mascara smears as well as eyeliner smudges by applying powder underneath your eyes and keeping the area nice and matte!

5. Be Consistent

When you’re using mascara, take care to use even, consistent strokes so you don’t end up with clumpy lashes, and avoid applying globs of mascara. If you have trouble with this or your mascara wand deposits too much product, try using a lash comb to get rid of excess mascara and separate your lashes. If you don’t own a lash comb, blot your mascara wand with a tissue prior to application.

6. Magic Wand

The next time you’re in the market for a new mascara, take a look at the wand before you buy. Do some research online or in-store to check out the features of the brush, as it can make a huge difference in how your lashes look! Narrow tips can work the inner corners of your eyes more easily, a skinny wand makes it easier to coat tiny lashes and shorter bristles pick up less product for a more natural look.

7. Replace Regularly

If you own multiple tubes of mascara like me, keeping track of the date you bought the mascara is important. Consider writing the date of purchase with a marker on the tube to avoid hanging on to an old, crusty mascara. Old mascara can harbor bacteria which can cause an infection and besides that, it’s dry and won’t do much for your lashes when it’s old. Toss your mascara after 3 months to keep eyes and lashes happy.

8. Prime Time

Another mascara tip is to use lash primer prior to applying mascara. Lash primer preps the lashes for mascara and can also add volume and length. This is a great option if you want to add some drama to your eyes but don’t want to go the falsies route. Smashbox, e.l.f., Hard Candy and Tarte all make pretty awesome primers that can do wonders for your peepers!

Using mascara might come as second nature but we can always use a refresher or two! Everything from the mascara wand to the formula you use can make a big difference in how your lashes look. What are some of your favorite mascara tips that you swear by?

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