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7 Romantic Things Your Man Wants You to Do


In most cases, men are the ones who are being prompted to do all the romancing in relationships but did you know there are actually some romantic things to do for your special someone that he likes and would appreciate from you?!
Lisa Washington |

Guys might come off as tough and not very emotional but they like a little romance in their lives too so I collected 7 tender and loving ways to show your guy some love in your everyday lives!

1. Be Handy

Want to know one of the top romantic things your man wants you to do? Get touchy-feely, grab his hand while the two of you are walking somewhere, give him a big hug or just be affectionate in your own little way! A little PDA never hurt anyone and it shows the world that you’re proud to be with your guy and how much you adore him! Remember to keep it PG so you don’t offend anyone or avoid getting too frisky in public!

2. Gift Him

A fun way to show your guy some love is to surprise him with a little something meaningful every now and then. Does he love a certain candy, snack or drink? Show up at his job or school with his favorite snack in hand and brighten up his day! If he likes something that’s not so portable, take it with you the next time you’re going to see him and watch his face light up. Everyone appreciates knowing that they’re being thought of and the gift doesn’t have to cost a lot of money as long as it’s heartfelt!

3. Surprise Him

This tip on romantic things to do for your guy is a little similar to #2 but it takes a little more planning. Surprise your man with breakfast in bed, give him a sexy lap dance or give him a nice, relaxing massage after a long day. Who wouldn’t love coming home to a foot rub or a lap dance from his favorite girl?! Do something unexpected, keeping him on his toes might inspire him to surprise you with something unpredictable!

4. Get Kissy

I know what you’re thinking, the two of you kiss all the time, so how is that a way to show your guy love?! I’m not talking about pecks on the cheek or quick kisses when you see him! Give him a big Hollywood kiss where you plant a big one on him or give him lots of tender kisses while running your fingers through his hair. Kiss in the rain, kiss in the sunshine, sneak away from everyone and have a make-out sesh! Being affectionate and loving will show your guy that you love and want him which he’ll love!

5. Write Him

You rarely see love notes anymore which make them a perfect romantic gesture for him. Break out some nice stationary or get a card that’s his style and hand-write him a note telling him how much you love him, what you love about him, why you love him or all of the above! Make it nice or naughty; just make it memorable and fun! Giving him compliments and his good qualities and expressing your love will make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside-in a good way!

6. Get Dolled up

Make it a point to get all gussied up next time the two of you have plans; it’s definitely one of the stimulating yet romantic things to do for him and he’ll be so proud to show you off! Wear one of his favorite outfits, wear your hair the way he likes and get dolled up like it’s your first date and you really want to impress him! We get so busy with life and we can get comfortable with our partners so even if he’s wearing his old standby, throw on your freakum dress and make him drool!

7. Be Interested

I bet you won’t believe me but taking an interest in your guy’s favorite team, his hobbies or skills absolutely translates as romantic things to do for him! You might have no interest in knowing about Kobe Bryant’s stats or his progress on his fixer upper but he’ll really appreciate you asking questions and wanting to find out more about what he likes. Think about all the times you went on and on and about the gym, your job, your obsession with One Direction or whatever you like to talk about and all the times he was a good sport so return the favor!

Make an effort to incorporate these romantic things to do as a part of your everyday lives and it’ll make a huge difference in your relationship! Remind your partner of why you love him and show him how much you care, people have different ideas of what constitutes a romantic gesture and what’s not, but everyone loves to feel loved and appreciated so be sure you let him know frequently!

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