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8 Makeup Secrets to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

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I’ve always wanted to learn all of the different makeup tips to make lips look bigger so I can have luscious lips Angie Jolie – I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants lips like her right?

| by Heather Jensen |

If you’ve been dying to find all of the perfect makeup tips to make lips look bigger, I’ve them all below! Everything from lip plumping gloss all the way to exfoliating your lips to make sure that they look beautiful! So, you ready to explore my top makeup tips to make lips look bigger?

1. Lip Liner

The first makeup tip to make lips look bigger all revolves around lip liner! I know that you might not think that lip liner makes any difference but it does! You can actually make your lips look huge when you line them in lip liner. Also, lip liner can actually make your lipstick stay on so much longer and your lips look totally lush!

2. Lip Plumping Gloss

This is one of my favorite makeup tips to make lips look bigger. I use this tip all of the time when I am in a pinch and really want my lips to look big. Just slather on a bit of lip gloss, make sure that it is the lip plumping kind and go! It’s super easy, requires no lipstick or liner and it’s a great way to naturally plump up your lips!

3. Avoid Dark Lipsticks

You know how black is a really slimming color for your figure? Well, darker colors in general can make your lips look smaller than what they are! This makeup tip to make lips look bigger all revolves around color! Avoid darker colors, because they will shrink your lips instead of make them look plump and lush!

4. Shiny Lips

Did you know that shiny lips actually look much fuller than they actually are? So after your lipstick (or even instead of your lipstick), why not slather on a bit of gloss to make your lips look slick and chic? For me, I actually use a bit of tinted colored gloss, it adds shine and color to my lips!

5. Exfoliate

When you are trying to make your lips look soft and super full, you’ve got to take the time and exfoliate them. What I do is actually take a soft bristled toothbrush and rub it along my lips to get any flakes off. This works wonders girls and it’s totally one of the best makeup tips to make lips look bigger!

6. Tinted Gloss

Remember when I mentioned tinted gloss up there? This is definitely a great alternative to lipstick or lip stain that can make your lips appear smaller. Instead, grab your favorite color in a tinted lip gloss and go a little crazy! For me, I always choose a bright pink!

7. Warm lipstick shades

If you do want to stick with your lipstick, don’t worry, just pick some warm lipstick shades! This makeup tip to make your lips look bigger all revolves around the colors that you are choosing! Oranges, deep reds, nothing too dark but nothing too light either. There has to be a balance!

8. Exfoliate with Cinnamon

Remember when I talked about exfoliating? Try to do it with a little bit of cinnamon in there! Truthfully, the cinnamon will wake up your senses and will stimulate your lips to make them that much more plump and lucious. This trick works for me all of the time!

So girls, there you have it! All of my top makeup tips to make your lips look bigger! What other makeup tips to make your lips look bigger are out there? Any you want to share?

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