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8 Sex Moves Every Woman Should Try Once

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From PG flirting tactics to R-rated sex tricks, these must-try ideas are guaranteed to put you in the mood. Try them tonight—and thank us in the morning.

| by Marissa Gold |

1: Slip into something unexpectedly sexy.
Sure, sexy lingerie is, well, sexy. But another surprisingly sexy sight to guys is you—freshly showered, no makeup, says relationship expert Lainie Speiser, author of Hot Games. Who can resist a woman who’s just soaped, shaved and shampooed herself to perfection? If you live with your guy, take your time and make a ritual out of your shower. Leave the bathroom door cracked so he can catch a glimpse of you slathering lotion on your body. If you’re dating, greet him at the door just out of the shower, with your hair loosely tied back, and wear something feminine like a clingy spaghetti-strap slip.

2 || Give him goose bumps.
Vixenish back scratching is best left to romance novels and porn; a better way to stimulate your guy is with a light touch. The next time you’ve having sex, wrap your arms around him and gently drag your nails across his back, butt or thighs from top to bottom, applying as little pressure as possible. The slight touch will send shivers down his spine…and enhance the feeling of everything else.

3 || Sneak in double entendres.
Want to get your guy’s attention? Try using suggestive words—the kind with dual meanings—mixed into normal conversation, says relationship expert Steve Santagati, of Whether it’s your first or your 90th date, it’s a great way to get your guy thinking about sex. Ask him for a back rub because your neck is stiff. Or have him help you fill in a crossword puzzle that’s too hard. We know—it sounds like a ridiculous plan, but if you can get over the giggle factor, it could really pay off. “You may not understand why men like this kind of talk, but trust me, it will wake us up and get the juices flowing for foreplay,” Santagati says.

4 || Add an element of mystery to your date.
Next time you’re out to dinner or at a bar with your man, pretend to be someone else. Act like a would-be secretary at a job interview and say, “Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me. I feel I would get a lot of benefits from working under you,” suggests Speiser. He may laugh first, but he’ll eventually play along…and get turned on. Another option: When you return from the bathroom, purposely bump into him and pretend you’ve never met. Flirt with him as if it’s the first time you’ve laid eyes on each other. “It will arouse the both of you and breathe a new kind of excitement into a regular Saturday night,” she adds.

5 || Create unconventional handcuffs.
Straddle your guy during your next bedroom session and begin to pull off his shirt. As it reaches his wrists, stop pulling. Grab the shirt with one hand (grasp the part in the middle between his arms) and use it to pin his wrists back to the bed like makeshift handcuffs. The more confident you are about doing it, the better. You’ll be in control, and he won’t have a clue what hit him. But he’ll like it.

6 || Talk but don’t touch.
Try this for foreplay: Stare directly at your man when he’s lounging on the couch. “Ask him to tell you, in vivid detail, what he’d like to do to you, or vice versa,” says Santagati. Feel free to take your time, listen to music, drink a glass of wine—but don’t touch each other. See how long it takes before one of you can’t resist the temptation any longer.

7 || Try a champagne kiss.
Remember that bottle of champagne you’ve had chilling in the fridge since New Year’s Eve? Now’s the time to use it—pour two glasses and sip casually. Then turn up the heat by straddling him, taking a gulp of bubbly and leaning over and kissing your man. As you do, “let a tiny amount of champagne trickle into his mouth,” says Tracey Cox, author of Supersex. The fizzy texture and cool temperature will take your kiss to a new level of sexy.

8 || Practice delayed gratification.
Next time you feel like snapping a naughty photo of yourself, don’t e-mail or text it to your man right way. Wait until you’re in the same room, restaurant or building and then go ahead and hit Send—it’s so unexpected that way! “It’s more effective than you would think because he’ll know he can’t do anything about it,” says Santagati. “The act of sex is best when anticipated and held off for a bit.”

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