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How to Win Over a Man’s Heart?

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It’s All About Appealing to Him in One Certain Way.

| by Gillian Reynolds |

Finding love isn’t something we do every day. For some women it takes a long time to meet their own personal prince charming. Most of us wade through a sea of almost perfect men until we happen upon the one who steals our heart away. Obviously, if the universe is smiling down upon us and fate has its hand in the mix, that man will fall just as hopelessly in love with us. Sadly, that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, we’re much more emotionally invested in him than he is in us. So the question then becomes how to win over a man’s heart? If you want him to fall as deeply for you as you have for him, there are actually a few tips that can help make that happen sooner rather than later.

Understanding how to win over a man’s heart has a lot to do with appealing to his ego in a very specific way. For decades we’ve heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. To any women who can’t cook an egg, let alone a four course dinner, that’s a terrifying prospect. Luckily, there are take-out menus to satiate a man’s culinary desires and there’s enough insight about men now for us to know that if you want him to chase after you and crave you endlessly, you have to make him feel fantastic about the man he is.

Complimenting a man can go a long way towards creating an unbreakable bond with him. That’s not to say that you should be throwing compliments out there hoping a few stick. You need to actually think about what you find most alluring about him and then focus on those things. Each man has traits that make him uniquely special. For instance, if he is fantastic at organizing his own life and you’re lacking in that department, tell him how much you admire that. Perhaps he’s the type of kind soul who goes out of his way to ensure his mother is never wanting for anything. Let him know that you find that endearing and special in a world filled with people who have little time for anyone other than themselves.

All men want to feel good about themselves and in turn they want to spend their time, and ultimately their lives, with a woman who aids in those feelings. One of the main contributing factors to relationships falling apart is the woman becomes overly critical of her man and his self esteem withers and slowly dies away. He feels like less of a man when he’s with her so he eventually leaves her in search of someone who appreciates him just as he is.

Building up a man’s ego not only will draw him closer to you, it will also help him to be a happier and more fulfilled individual. That can only aid in your connection with him long term. If he feels that you’re the one person in the world who celebrates his uniqueness, he’s going to fall head over heels for you and never want to let you go. If you can make him feel extra great about himself, you’ve found a direct link between his heart and yours.

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2 replies on “How to Win Over a Man’s Heart?”

My ex and I (Still good friends) broke up in July because I argued with her which I now regret. She says she doesn’t want to get back together. I’ve asked her almost every day which I regret doing. And yesterday I asked if we could maybe go to the movies for a date and he said “we’ll see.” She still talks to me all the time, calls me on the phone a lot and still video chats with me. Lately she has been depressed and in pain from curling and I’ve been trying to cheer her up and she will still talk to me and thinks it’s sweet. We have argued a lot when we were both stressed and every time we would talk again, she would tell me “last chance to be friends”… She told me this more than once. At curling on Monday and Wednesday we hung out together. On Monday she let me hug her even though she won’t let people hug her. I asked her if we could go on a date sometime and she said she will she depending on how we do. Also, Wednesday at curling she was shy to get a new key card so I went with her and when she got outside the office, I pushed her in (in a friendly way) and she was like “Nooo, ouuu” as in she liked it. She said that night that it was all dramatic. Also, a lot of times she tells me she wants to be alone for a while but sometimes will still talk to me for an extra hour. (she also thinks im cute, sweet, nice and more) and sometimes ill notice her staring at me

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