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8 Signs Your Partner is Keeping Something from You

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No one likes to be cheated on or lied to.
| by Melanie |

That is why I am going to give you 8 signs your partner is keeping something from you. So, it’s time to let the story unfold:

8. Doesn’t look you in the eyes
They used to look you in the eyes when you spoke. Now, things have started to turn the other way and they will no longer look you in the eyes. Could this be a sign of a guilty conscience?

7. Doesn’t like spending time with you
Out of nowhere, your partner does not like spending time with you. At least, that’s how it seems. It always seems as if they are coming up with an excuse just to avoid you.

6. Stutters when answering your questions
When you are asking your partner what they did the night before, do they stutter? Stuttering is never a good sign if the partner does not normally stutter.

5. Your gut instincts says so
Naturally, when something isn’t right, you can just fill it in your gut. If you have those suspicious, then you may want to look deeper into the situation.

4. Sudden changes in their behavior
Has your partner started acting a bit strange? Have they started to buy you flowers when they don’t normally do so? If so, then this may be a sign of a guilty conscience!

3. They are spending more money than usual
You have noticed that the money is disappearing on your partners side. When you ask, they can’t really point at an item that they spent so much on. Is it that they are spending it on someone else and they have possession of that item? Don’t let your mouth speak before your mind, if some money disappeared once, then they may have gotten you a gift!

2. You found a credit card statement and there’s some extra charges on it
Normally, you do not look at those credit card statements because you don’t use it, it’s for emergency purposes. However, now that you look at it, you see extra charges. Perhaps a hotel room? If you see a hotel room, then you definitely need to confront your partner.

1. They’re interested in their appearance more than ever before
Sure, they could just be trying to look good for you, but all the time when they were never interested before? If you notice this one happening right in front of you, then something may be going on.

There you have 8 signs your partner is keeping something from you. That something, in this case would be cheating. Honestly, no one needs to be cheated on, so you need to find a way to nicely confront the partner. What if they’re really hiding a gift from you? That’s why it always pays off the look into it. Have you noticed these signs?

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