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8 Things Guys Should Not Do in Front of Girls

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There are a number of pet peeves that women have about men!
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Aguy acting in a specific way can really put a woman off of establishing any form of relationship with this person. Regardless of what the relationship is between a man and a woman, here are 8 things that guys should not do in front of women.

8. Laugh at a girl
There is nothing wrong with laughing with a girl, if she says something funny or does something silly then it is polite and acceptable to laugh. However, it is not right to make fun of a woman for no reason. Also, if she has done something and is not laughing, always wait for her to laugh first.

7. Pretend that they are someone else
This may sound strange but you would be surprised by how many guys pretend to be someone else in front of a woman. For example, they act as though they are rich or more sophisticated than they actually are or lie about their occupation and so on.

6. Talk about their latest conquest in the bedroom
No girl does wants to hear about a guy’s latest conquest in the bedroom, this is regardless of whether they are a friend or a potential partner. In truth the latter would most definitely ruin any chances of a possible relationship. Women do not want to hear about what a guy gets up to in bed; in my opinion it does not make them appear anymore attractive.

5. Swear continuously
It becomes really tedious when a man is talking and every other word is a swear word. Okay, the occasional swear word here and there, although not fantastic, is acceptable. A man who is able to construct a sentence without swearing is very appealing!

4. Flirt with other women
You know what is not acceptable? When a guy says to a woman that he really likes her and wants to get to know her better and the next minute starts flirting with another woman right in front of her! This only hurts her and makes her dislike the guy. If a guy genuinely likes a woman then he should show patience and show her that he is worthy, the same applies to women.

3. Be cruel towards animals
If you are trying to win your way in to any woman’s heart this is really not a good place to start. Animals should not be harmed or treated cruelly in general, so this again will only make you appear in a negative light.

2. Burp loudly or any other natural bodily sounds
For some reason guys feel the need to burp and make other noises really loudly, then on top of this start laughing really loudly. This is not an attractive trait for a lover, friend or long term partner. In my opinion, if a woman starts’ laughing when you do this it is a nervous and uncomfortable laughter.

1. Make really bad sexist jokes
In my opinion there is nothing worse than a guy that makes really bad sexist jokes in front of women. Some men do it because they are trying to get their attention but really all they are doing is making themselves appear repulsive. If anything the majority of women, on hearing a remark along these lines would become very defensive.

There you have 8 things guys should not do in front of girls, this list is not exclusive as there may be other things that you can think of not to do in front of women. However, if you are a guy and are known to do at least one of the above try not doing it and see what the girls’ reaction is.

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I’m tired of these “lists” of things according to you people shouln’t do. You are not a conductual specialist, you are simply a self-centered woman with money for website hosting… And what a mediocre site it is!

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