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Why Women Like Jerks and Rich Guys?

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Want to understand what women think is eye-catching in a guy?

| by Brian Broderick |

Lots of people nowadays think that girls just prefer men who are rich, bad boys, police men, tall, handsome, celebrities, youthful, or any mixture of these traits.

Frankly, what women find appealing is not these trivial characteristics. Girls might think they require a guy to have these characteristics, but seriously it isn’t the features they find enticing, it’s what these traits stand for.

This should be fantastic news to learn about if, much like me, you’re not a 25 year old, six foot tall, millionaire, bad boy, army soldier, fashion model that is famous.

The explanation that girls are likely to find themselves attracted to all these men is primarily because a lot of these men are likely to be able to offer the woman a feeling of security.

That’s right. Security.

If you look at it, it seems sensible. Think about thousands of years ago in prehistoric days. Women wanted to ensure that their children would live to adulthood and stay alive to have offspring of their own. The easiest way to achieve that is to find a man that will keep the girl protected and provide for her.

Rich men have plenty of cash that may provide things for the girl. Bad boys will take down just about anyone without a second thought. Guys in uniform also signify this strong attribute for girls. Tall guys have the perception that they can dominate other men with their natural size. Good-looking guys have advantageous genetics. If the girl’s kids have good inherited genes as well, certainly they will enjoy a very easy time reproducing. Famous men provide the notion that they’re leaders and can control other people. Young guys characterize fitness and robustness.

Therefore, what women believe is desirable isn’t these shallow characteristics. It’s a sense of ease and protection that they believe is desirable. Now that is not to say they like dull and predictable men. That’s not the same. They prefer men that are fun, thrilling, and unpredictable on an everyday basis, but guys who they know can grant safety and security in the long-run.

This is the reason your typical nerd isn’t appealing to women. He is just too dull and predictable. It’s possible the software programming firm he works at is going public and his stock options could make him incredibly rich, but most girls will think he is about as interesting as a lukewarm cup of milk if he merely does those same things day-after-day.

This is why party boys aren’t actually that effective with women either. They might score a handful of girls at the start because of their exciting attitude. But the women will probably soon leave them once they discover that he cannot find a occupation and bring home some cash (stability).

When women express that they prefer a “real man” what they mean is they need a guy that can supply safety for them (physical and emotional), but also a man who is self-assured and relaxed enough with himself to take things casually and have a good time on occasion. That is what women think is attractive.

Brian Broderick used to be a shy “nice guy” that was totally clueless with women. Now in a relationship with his perfect woman, he enjoys helping other men reach their dating goals.

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