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8 Things to Say During Sex

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There are some things you should say during sex and some things you should avoid saying.
| by Melanie |

Ihave 8 things to say during sex right here. I posted a blog on things you should not say during sex, so you may be interested in that as well. So, are you ready to get started?

8. I Love How You Smell and Taste
Of course, who doesn’t like to hear this? If you love how your partner smells and tastes, then let them know this by a whisper. You do like how your partner smells and tastes, right? Or you wouldn’t be having sex with them…

7. You’re Good
Don’t you think your partner is good? Then don’t be afraid to tell him or her this. You shouldn’t by shy about sex and you should speak your opinion on things, especially if he or she is good!

6. I Only Want You
You know you only want your partner! At least, I hope so, because you are having sex with them. So go ahead and tell them that you only want them. It will make them feel even better about what they’re doing.

5. I Like That
You like that, don’t you? So let them know that you like that, then they will know what you like and will do it more often.

4. You Look Sexy
You think your partner looks sexy, don’t you? Then they deserve to be told this. Come on, don’t hold it all in (no pun intended there), tell your partner that they look sexy and you might get even more than you asked for (in a good way)!

3. You Like That?
It is always a good thing to ask your partner. If you are doing something, ask your partner if they like that. Even if they are already showing you that they like it ““ it’s a flirty question to ask during sex.

2. You’re a Naughty Girl/Boy
Oh yeah! You know you have a naughty partner. If you like every bit of it, then tell your partner how naughty they are. You know they’re a naughty little tiger! So, bring on those words.

1. I Love You
Wow, the words “I love you” mean a lot during sex. When you say “I love you,” it can set a totally different, loving mood. A very sensual mood. However, you should not say it, unless you really mean it. Don’t say it just to say it. I always say if you’re having sex, you should love each other in the first place.

There you have 8 things to say during sex. Sex is very powerful, especially if you do it with someone you love. So, would you like to add some things to my list?

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