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9 Signs Your Bad Relationship Is Affecting Your Life


When you are in a bad relationship, it’s hard to actually watch out for the signs your bad relationship is affecting your life and really messing with your personality.
| by Heather Jensen |

Bad relationships can be extremely unhealthy for your entire body, your mood and can really cause your personality to change. If you are trying to find out some signs your bad relationship is affecting your life, take a look at my list below.

1. Weight Loss

This is probably one of the most common signs your bad relationship is affecting your life. Are you constantly losing weight? Are you constantly slimming down without meaning to? Do you drop weight in no time at all, just because of the stress of your relationship? Watch out for this girls, it might be nice to lose the weight, but you want to do it the healthy way and this is unhealthy.

2. Depression

Depression is another common sign that your bad relationship is affecting your life. Do you even want to go out of the house? Do you constantly feel down and can’t remember exactly what joy and happiness feel like anymore? These are things to watch out for.

3. Constant Crying

Crying is something that a lot of people experience when they are in a fight in a relationship, but if you are crying every day, every night and at random times, is that normal? No! You shouldn’t constantly feel like you need to cry, your relationship should make you happy, not this stressed out!

4. Walking on Eggshells

Do you have a constant feeling that you can’t speak your mind? That if you do, it’ll only upset your partner and then it’ll turn into a huge fight? Truthfully, you should be able to be honest in your relationship and if you are always walking on eggshells, it can bleed into your life outside of your relationship too.

5. No Self Esteem

Your self esteem can be extremely hard to build up, but it can also be really fragile once you do. If you are losing your self esteem because your partner is constantly putting you down, that’s not a good feeling. It’s also not healthy – at all.

6. Secluded

Remember when I said that with depression, you don’t want to go out? Well, being secluded actually holds true as well. This is when you don’t even want to leave the house. Doing anything is an huge inconvenience for you and can even make you feel sick!

7. Being Pulled in Too Many Directions

When you are in a really bad relationship, you can feel like you are constantly being pulled in too many directions. This is especially true if your partner is needy and is always pulling your attention away. Remember, you need to slow down and take time for yourself too.

8. Weight Gain

While some people might lose weight, weight gain is another common sign that your bad relationship is affecting your life. If you are an emotional eater, you could constantly be eating everything in sight and you can’t quit. That’s how you deal with being in your relationship. That’s hard!

9. Moodiness

Finally, how are your moods? Are they constantly swinging from one end of the spectrum to the next? That alone could be a sign that your relationship is not stable and that you are fearing for something – and that it’s affecting your life.

So girls, these are all of my signs that your unhealthy relationship is affecting your life. What other signs are out there? Give them up!

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