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Anal Sex Prep Guide

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Whether it’s your first time or you’re experienced, follow these tips to ensure that rear entry goes as smoothly as possible.

| by Sarah Stefanson |

The secret to making anal sex a fantastic experience for both you and your girlfriend is all in the preparation. Whether you’re doing it for the first time or you’ve made it a regular part of your sex life, there are some essential steps to take before any back door action goes on. As she becomes accustomed to anal stimulation, some of these preparations will become less time consuming, but still always necessary.

Use dark sheets
If the potential messiness of anal sex is a problem for you, you may want to start by replacing those bright white bed sheets with a darker color. You’re less likely to see stains if you throw some darker sheets on before you get started.

Don’t over-douche
Many people try to make an end-run around the mess by having the woman douche before having anal sex. While douching will clean out the anal cavity and may even feel good to some people, excessive douching can dry out the anal canal and cause micro-abrasions that make passing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) more likely. If she goes number two before you get started, the mess should be minimal.

Relax her
When planning to have anal sex, especially for the first time, it is important to create a relaxing, non-intimidating atmosphere. The more relaxed she is, the easier it will be. Putting on some sexy music, getting the lighting right and starting out with a massage will get her to loosen up literally and figuratively.

Anal foreplay
Rarely should your penis be the first thing to enter her ass when it comes to having anal sex. Get her prepared by using your tongue and your fingers on the area first. You can even use sex toys to get her accustomed to being penetrated there. There is a wide variety of toys designed specifically for anal play.

Lube up
The No. 1 rule for pleasurable anal sex is to always use plenty of lube. Since the anus does not produce its own natural lubrication, it is necessary to up the slipperiness factor by using artificial lube. Make sure the lube you choose is condom safe and have lots of it on hand. You may need to reapply during your anal sex session, especially when using a water-based lubricant that will eventually evaporate.

Use protection
Pregnancy may not be an issue when it comes to anal sex, but you should always wear a condom in order to prevent STI transmission. The anus is more susceptible than the vagina to tiny cuts and tears that could make transmitting STIs easier. If you’re concerned about using your mouth on her ass, which can certainly spread STIs as well, use a dental dam as a barrier. You can even use latex gloves to cover your hands. Condoms can also be put on butt toys for hygienic purposes, especially if they are made of jelly or other porous materials or if you are planning on sharing the toys with others.

If anal sex is your goal, there is a bit of prep work involved in order to make it a great experience for both your and your girl. It is really in your best interest to make sure she enjoys herself, since even one bad anal incident can put her off for life. So if you want to keep anal on the menu, do the groundwork and keep her happy.

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Great tips! For sure, LUBE UP! It really is the most important factor in making sure anal sex is comfortable! Just when you think you’ve used enough, double it! You won’t regret it 😉

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