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Casual Sex May Not Damage Self-Esteem

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A recent study conducted by the University of Minnesota reveals groundbreaking news:

| by Melissa Noble

Young adults between the ages of 18-24 not only have casual sex but seem to be pretty unaffected by the cold, sinister nature of genital touching without a formal relationship. Who would’ve thought?

The study asked 1,300 young people in Minnesota about their most recent sexual adventures. Granted, only one-fifth reported their last sex acts as “casual” but the 20 percent seemed as healthy in the head (after a series of questions designed to measure self-esteem and depression) as their counterparts in (supposedly) loving, healthy relationships.

While this may be “sky is blue” news to us, society has told us all since we were wee ones that sloppy no-strings-attached screwing trivializes our worth. Especially women. As a lady, we are taught to make men work for our coveted naked bodies and if we don’t—shame on us. Researchers were “shocked” that those who had engaged in casual sex weren’t all melancholic head cases with daddy issues.

The article notes that while this issue hasn’t been explored perhaps as much as it should be, all studies in the past have proven the opposite. One study said that girls who have casual sex also display symptoms of depression, where another all but doomed those with “casual” first times saying they were more likely to “report psychological stress” down the road.

Sex like anything else in life can be molded to adapt to current circumstances. Just as getting rejected, dumped and fired your first time can sting like the dickens, even the most starry-eyed of the lot can adjust to realistic sex that doesn’t have to end in a fairy-tale, story-book relationship. Most of all, it’s finally refreshing to see an honest, assessment of college-aged sex.

Of course, these young ones should certainly stock up on condoms and birth control.

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