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Attract Beautiful Women With This 1 HOT Tip

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If you’re looking to attract beautiful women there is one bit of advice i can give you. DO NOT BE BORING!
| by Jay Sullivan |

There really is no worst sin when it comes to learning to attract beautiful women.

If you’re boring, you’re also more likely to turn into the dreaded Mr. “nice guy”. Don’t get me wrong, women do like nice guys, but only in the friend zone. You see nice guys are predictable, and predictability to women means one thing: BORING!

Let’s face it, when it comes to learning how to attract beautiful women, the bottom line is, these types of women will always go for the exiting guys rather than a predictable, boring guy.

Beautiful women seek adventure! Now that doesn’t mean you have to join the secret service, or start doing mountaineering or whatever, it just means try and not be too predictable.

So, how can you not be predictable? When the time comes to learn how to attract beautiful women, be funny and spontaneous. Treat her like a bratty little sister by teasing her slightly about what she is wearing or her hair style, but do it in a fun way so she knows you are joking. Never be a jerk. Never try and fulfil her desires straight away. Let her know that you will give her what she wants, when YOU are ready.

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