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Things Single Girls Should Never Say to Their Boyfriend0 comments

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There are some things single girls say to their boyfriend and they are totally shut down.
| by Francis K. Githinji |

Many girls are left wondering whether it is a question they asked, something they said or did when their boyfriends leave without a trace. Women love to talk and what might seem like an innocent chit chat can turn out to blow out a fight so you better keep your lips sealed while you can. Understand the biology of men and then you will know why you have to watch what you say. If you threatened a man his blood pressure rises, the heartbeat rate increases and the reaction might be so violent. It is important to understand that the main purpose of communication is to provoke compassion but not defense. Men express themselves in a more-action oriented manner the reason as to why your boyfriend acts the way he does. There are words that are very painful and a little re-phrasing can make a whole lot of difference about how you communicate with your boyfriend.

Do not tell your man something like “I wish your pals were not idiots.” Whether his friends are always rehashing about foot ball you should not frown and bad eye them. There is a better way of dealing with his friends who you dislike. Always talk to suggest that you are looking for a common ground to settle and enjoy their company. Do not say something like “How come we do not have fun together?” It even annoys more if your calendar is full of friends and family commitments. Single girls usually organize events and when they are not with friends and family they have dates to attend. The reaction of such a man won’t be a friendly one. It makes him feel boring and unimaginative while in real sense you have controlled the social part of the relationship. If you really feel like having some private time together, say something like “I miss so much. Is it possible to have a dinner tonight?”

Different words trigger different reactions. Words like never and always sound very threatening and may cause pitfalls in a relationship. Single girls should also avoid telling their boyfriend is “if you were truly in love with me you would….” This is a way of fishing for reassurance in a very annoying manner. These types of statements mostly said by a girl sound like an ultimatum. If I am not wrong, by using such words, single girls try to ask for attention. There are better ways of telling a boyfriend that you need more attention.

Women are fond of shifting responsibilities and saying out useless words during a fight. You can express your fears and insecurities but count one up to ten before you open your mouth. It is very important. What happens when your boyfriend brings in something expensive? Whatever you say, don’t you say something like “I do not think you can afford that.” It is a big insult to your boyfriend. This is watering down his efforts and it might kill his ego. Instead you can appreciate his sacrifice but pass the message that even something simple can do. It can still make you happy. Many single girls do not know how to raise financial concerns. It is important to use expressive word.

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