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Bad Boy vs. Nice Guy

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There has been an age old debate regarding what sort of men do women actually prefer.
| by Pushpa Pal Singh |

Well there is not specific answer to this debate yet as the preference varies from women to women as not all women have the same taste and likings. But facts are facts and women do prefer a certain type of men which they hate to reveal. Read on to discover what sort of men women actually prefer.

Nice guys do finish last- Yes and here is the conclusion. Nice guys do finish last no matter how much women try to deny this fact and say they do prefer nice men. Nice men always end up being used abused and rejected eventually by most women. You see the reason here is not them being nice but what women truly prefer. Women have inbuilt instincts which normally make them attracted towards power and dominance. Women prefer men who are dominant and know what they want out of their life with a strong vision and drive to get somewhere.

Women do prefer bad boys– Well there are several aspects about bad boys which women do not prefer such as the usage of bad language, misbehavior and several other common aspects which women hate about them but the fact remains besides all these bad aspects women still have a strong liking towards bad guys. Why? Well as mentioned above that women are attracted towards power and bad boys fit perfectly into it. But there is another way of looking at this. Women normally tend to prefer males who are not easily available and do what they want to do. Nice guys tend to be readily available to women almost all throughout the day. Whereas bad boys do their own thing and don’t work on anyone else’s terms specially women. Therefore to be honest when you treat them mean they do get keen.

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One reply on “Bad Boy vs. Nice Guy”

I agree that women tend to be attracted to men who have power and are aggressive. But I think that too many of the bad boys mistreat women, and after a while a woman gets tired of playing the game. I’d prefer a nice guy over a bad boy any day.

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