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Dating Secrets For Men – How to Make a Woman Stop and Look at YOU

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Women have it easy when it comes to getting attention.
| by Chris Tyler |

All a woman has to do is walk out the door, and she can get more than enough attention from men, wherever she goes. For a man, getting noticed by women is not as easy, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some secrets that you could learn to gain their attention. Don’t think that you have to have the physique of body builder to get a female’s attention, and don’t assume that you have to be the next Johnny Depp to make women notice you either!

Any man can find out how to get noticed by any woman and this includes YOU!

So, what are some of the dating secrets for men that will make women stop and notice you?

1. It’s all in the way that you carry yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have the six pack abs or a little beer gut. If you carry yourself like you don’t deserve attention from women, then you are not going to get it. It’s really that simple. When you can carry yourself like women should pay attention to you, then they will.

2. Is your body language OPEN? Without even getting to know you, a woman will assume that you are not open to her if you remain in a defensive mode. You have to work on making your posture and your body language open, so that you appear to be approachable. After all, you don’t want to intimidate a woman, you want her to want to come to YOU!

3. Your eyes say a lot about you and they communicate a message to people. Women are very keen to notice a man’s eyes. If your eyes seem friendly and have that ability to “talk” to a woman, then you will see that women will approach you, and they will start to notice you more often.

4. Social Proof works wonders. If you walk into a club with a couple of female friends that are attractive, guess what all of the other hot women are going to do? They are going to notice you from the moment you walk through the door. Getting a group of attractive women to go out and hit the town with you, even just as friends, is an easy way to get OTHER women to notice YOU.

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