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Every Third Man Is Nervous over His Wife or Girlfriend Driving0 comments

Thirty-three per cent of men lose their peace of mind every time they let their partners get behind the steering-wheel of the car, a study of 3,000 men commissioned by reveals.
| by Genuis | 2011 |

While 20 per cent confess to getting the jitters all the time whenever their fair lady is driving.

The driving sex’s most common complaint is women’s lack of concentration. Ten per cent males recollect having to snatch the steering wheel for their driver is not looking where she is taking the car (and that’s the central reservation!).

Many of men just cannot get a moment’s relief expecting to crash any instant. Others stamp their feet in a futile attempt to make the woman-driver brake sooner.

Poor blokes have run a long list of complaints explaining why their nerves get on the edge when they watch the woman drive… Those clumsy female drivers – apart from overall concentration malfunction – get too close to other cars, disregard rumble strips, forget to indicate, palm the accelerator or the stereo unnecessarily, ride too fast and brake too hard. No doubt they all think it would have been a lot easier if they had been driving themselves.

For what man doesn’t consider himself to be a better driver than those beautiful muffing creatures, comments a spokesman for

Men continue insisting that they are much better at reading road situations and react faster.

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