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How to Get a Man to Love You After Sex? Know This Before He Just Disappears Out of Your Life

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No matter how much you enjoy sex with your man, you are only truly satisfied and content if you know in your heart that he loves you and respects you even after sex.
| by Krista Hiles |

It is important to know that you are not being taken advantage of and that sex is not the only thing he is after! Here are some ways you can get your man to love you after sex.

Give him the respect he deserves
Once a man knows that he is respected he automatically tends to reciprocate in the same manner. If your man refuses to be loving and caring after sex it only proves that his feelings are not deep enough! Make him realize your worth and he will readily give you all the love and attention you want.

Don’t pressurize him to get close to you
Maybe it was a one night stand. That’s okay. All you have to do is to act casual and don’t act like you expect him to produce a ring just because you spent the night together! This will make him relax. Instead all you have to do is make him know that you had a wonderful time. He will love you for it.

Make him know that you are not a “slut”
Just because you had sex with him does not mean that he can treat you like one! Make it pretty clear to him that you will not tolerate being treated like a fast or cheap woman. Let him chase you and do his best to get you into bed again. Don’t make it easy for him and he will love to chase you.

Don’t get involved emotionally till he does
Wait till you tell him how much you care for him. It is better to make him fall deeply in love with you first. Keep him attracted to you. Work on your sex appeal and make him crave you. This way you have him under your spell. Soon he will be with you because he truly cares and not only because of the sex.

Prolong the after glow as long as possible
Don’t rush off after sex pretending you have something to do just because you are afraid that it will get too awkward. Give him time to enjoy the sensation of having you beside him. Relax in his arms and don’t talk unless he does. It is possible he will get to really love you because you seem so comfortable to be with.

Don’t make demands on him and he will love you
Many women spoil their chances with their men because they read too much into the relationship without waiting to check if they feel the same way. If you demand his attention and act like he belongs to you, he will resent it and tend to treat you badly. Have patience and be yourself – chances are that he will really fall for you.

Tell him that you had a wonderful time and leave!
It pays to be honest. Even though a part of you is dying to cling – don’t! Just kiss him and leave him wanting more of you. If you don’t expect too much from him then he will love you for it! It will make him enjoy the sex more!


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