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Secrets About Women All Men Must Know

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It may be difficult to tell what is on a woman’s mind but it is not complicated to figure out if you know how to catch their attention to establish your place in their lives.
| by Jason Leading |

Women are attracted to good looking men no matter how much they insist that they want men who are intelligent, sensitive, and caring. Of course, they want those too but the fact remains that they like good looking guys. You don’t have to look like Brad Pitt to impress them, just look well-groomed and fashionable all the time. Take care of your appearance and follow it up with the nice guy routine. You may have to buy new sets of wardrobe to get that killer looks; go the gym and work on those abs and biceps because these are the areas that attracts them.

Be friendly enough just to establish a comfort level but not too comfortable for her to consider you as a friend because women don’t date their best friends as they don’t want to spoil a friendship. If you want a deeper relationship with any woman don’t make this kind of mistake. Be there for her when she needs you, giving her all the help and support she needs but you have to make it clear to hear what your intentions are.

Women want their men to make them feel special and treat them like a lady not as a commodity. If you make a date special they will notice it so try to be interesting and stimulating. Make her laugh, be honest with her, and make her feel you mean everything you say. Make eye contact during the conversation and listen to everything she says. She will love it if you give her your full attention.

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