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How to Make Him Beg to Be With You – What Guys Want

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Are your fantasies filled with images of men chasing after you? Do you wonder what it must feel like to actually have a guy pursue you?
| by Tina Jones //

Are you looking for ways to live your fantasy? Whatever you do, the key word here is, challenge.

It may seem that the best way to get a guy to chase after you is to simply dress sexy, wear tons of make up and strut your stuff. This only works within a very confined context. You see, he’ll only want to chase you as far as the bedroom. After that, you’re on your own.

The thing about getting a guy to chase you is that you want to catch his eye, attract him and interest him, but you have to remain just elusive enough to make him work a bit. The mistake many women make it they suddenly open their heart and throw themselves at the guy who shows the least amount of interest in them. ?How can he chase you if you just make yourself easily available for the taking?

Once a guy is interested in you and comes over to talk to you, don’t be overeager or too enthusiastic. Be pleasant and attentive. Show him your sense of humor and let him glimpse your silly side. Converse intelligently and give him a hint of the intellect you hold. All this will draw him in further and further.

But keep it all very light. No pressure. No insinuation of wanting more. Just hang back and let the conversation flow. The more elusive you remain, the more eager he’ll be to try to get you.

Some women sometimes put up a self-validating wall. That is to say that they suddenly feel an overwhelming need to prove that they are as good as they are. Instead of just letting the time they spend with the guy speak for her, she constantly points out all her great attributes. She can even go so far as to elevate her own ego by putting down the guy she’s trying to impress.

That’s not going to impress him much. Know yourself and love yourself enough to know that you don’t have to go out there and make all your accomplishments evident to him. Give him the chance to find all this out on his own throughout dates with you.

Remain elusive as you keep it fun and interesting, and he’ll have no choice but to pursue you.

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