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Top 5 Spring 2010 Fashion Trends To Follow

Spring 2010 //
Spring is on the threshold, so in order to look exceptionally fashionable and inspiring you have to understand the trends and rules of the upcoming season.
| by Kristine //

Here they are:

ruffles, layers, lace … try them, love the and wear them. You’ll look incredible and very feminine.

transparency and soft, light dresses … You will look very stylish and touching, even a bit naive and so fragile …

shorts. Shorts are back again – all kinds of them.

patterns. All kinds of patterns: graphic, geometrical, techno and all kinds of prints: navy, abstract, floral are in this spring.

white colour is a must-have.

One reply on “Top 5 Spring 2010 Fashion Trends To Follow”

I feel like ruffles, layers, & laces 🙂 are beautiful, but it does not give off a feminine look especially with long hair. It gives off like a rough and pouchy look. It should be worn with short hair because the layers all ready do a lot, and that adds on to the lovely dresses, i believe thats what gives it a rougher look.. Say if their hair was cut short into a “bob” or chignon, then that would set off a more soft look, making the outfit look feminine and gentle.

 – Kiyanna N. (17) 

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