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How to Tell If He Wants a Serious Relationship

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Dating is among the most nerve wrenching experiences we encounter because of uncertainty.

| by Josh Tuliano |

Your date goes extraordinarily well; you had a great conversation and found common ground.He showed physical interest and even called you the next day. However, does he want a relationship or a casual dating experience? Here are the signs that will let you know that he wants a relationship.

He Wants to See You

The biggest determinant to tell if he is interested in you is if he wants to see you on a regular basis. When guys want to pursue a serious relationship we call, text and change our schedule in order to see you.

His Texts are Meaningful

If he is pursuing a serious relationship, he will try to get to know you personally through his texts, rather than ambiguous texts that have no meaning behind them. Pay attention to his writing style and spelling. If he is interested, he will take his time to use proper grammar and spelling.

His Physical Advances are Tailored to Your Speed

Let’s face it; sex is a huge part of most relationships. However, when a guy is truly interested in someone serious he will give you your boundaries and respect them. The difference between a casual relationship and a serious relationship is the long-term objective. If things do get physical, he will make sure that you are comfortable and ask you if things are moving too fast. Although sex does strengthen a relationship, it can also complicate relationships that are just starting out.

He Tells You What He Wants

Anyone pursuing a serious relationship can get nervous when asking the person they are pursuing if they are looking for the same thing. Guys who are looking for a serious relationship are typically upfront about what they want. If he is not, do not be afraid to ask if he is looking for something long-term. If he is looking for the same thing, he will be flattered that you asked and it will ease the mood.

Your Time Together is Meaningful

Whether you are on a date or staying in for dinner, he will attempt to make every time he sees you meaningful if he is looking for something serious. Guys know how rare it is to meet someone that is long-term relationship quality; therefore, if he is pursuing you, he will put all the effort he can into impressing you.

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