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What Women Want in a Man – 5 Traits of the Super Sexy Man

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What women want in a man is not just good looks, although show me a woman who would say no to a fit body and chiseled looks and I’ll show you a liar!

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But physical attractiveness is way down on the scale of what makes a man attractive and desirable. Even if you don’t physically look like Gods gift to women, you can develop these traits and become super sexy.

1. Style
We’re not talking the height of fashion here. If you are more comfortable in tailored suits you wouldn’t feel good, and quite frankly would look odd too, in the latest skinny jeans. What we are talking about is developing your own style and having the confidence to show who and what you are. Don’t jump out of bed and throw on yesterday’s jeans and t- shirt, unless you want to portray yourself as a slob!

2. Calm and Confidence
Women have this nasty habit of worrying about things; anything and everything. What women want is reassurance and to know her man will at least attempt to fix things or find a solution. If you flap around like a headless chicken at the first sign of trouble that is a major turn off. A man who can keep his head and radiate that “I can handle it” attitude is sexy.

3. Smelling Good and Manly
The nose knows best! I know plenty of women who get turned on when their man has just returned from a hard days work or work out. Now that’s not to say you should smell of stale sweat and not wash for a week!

Your natural scent contains information about your genetic make up and women subconsciously decode that message to find mates who are most genetically different from them. It’s about survival of the fittest, how you smell attracts the right mate for you.

So obviously keep clean and fresh, but don’t drown out your natural scent with gallons of strong smelling cologne, just 1 spritz is fine.

4. Humor
What women want in a man is a good healthy sense of humor, plenty of giggles and belly laughs are sexy. Don’t fall into the trap of putting others down in the name of comedy as that has the opposite affect..

5. Affection
Men who show affection are sexy. Those little touches, the arm around the shoulder or holding her hand really do have women coming back for more. Don’t be afraid to show your love.

What women want in a man is not just down to how you physically look. By working on the five traits outlined above, you can you can affect all of her senses and become super sexy.

2 replies on “What Women Want in a Man – 5 Traits of the Super Sexy Man”

“Don’t jump out of bed and throw on yesterday’s jeans..”
Which guy doesn’t do this…..? And how is this a bad thing? You don’t need to wash jeans every day..?

What a great post. I personally think these are all great qualities, but unfortunately not all women can agree to these terms, nor can all men. I do think every man possesses something special that makes him unique from all other men; maybe this should be number 6.

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