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Plastic Surgery Makes Women Insane1 comment

An extraordinary thing has happened to a 47-year-old representative of the fair sex in South Korea.
| by Genuis | 2011 |

Xin Zhou made her first plastic surgery at the age of 28 years, and thereafter she regularly turned to plastic surgeons with some new ideas as to changing her appearance. After several surgeries, the Korean woman remained dissatisfied with her appearance and came to see the doctor again.

Zhou was sure that her face could be made more attractive, but the patient was denied a surgery. In fact, the doctors found the lady was addicted to plastic surgery. In addition, the psychologists said that the woman was suffering from dysmorphophobia (painfully negative assessment of one’s weight or body shape), which is also a valid reason for refusing the surgery. However, the doctors’ recommendations did not stop the lady. She learned how to make the silicone injections and bought the syringes and silicone gel. Within a short period of time, the gel was over. The lady had no money to get the licensed silicone gel for injections, but she could not stop either.

She decided that ordinary vegetable oil should be very similar to silicone gel and could replace a professional medicine. But such an injection led to grave consequences and urgent hospitalization. According to the experts, modern women have developed an entirely new disorder which is called “plastic surgery addiction“. As soon as the medical course is over, the Korean woman will be treated for this illness, but in a psychiatric institution.

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  1. Too bad for her. 🙁 Having those surgery is fine for as long as you limit yourself.. You’re beautiful even without surgeries.. 🙂

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