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Poll: Have You Snooped On His Email?

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Do you read his texts when he’s left his cell unguarded? Snoop on his email? You’re not alone…
| by Lisa Thong |

We’ve all faced this dilemma at some point in a relationship. You’re using his phone and a new text comes in. Do you read it? Maybe his email client just happened to be open when you sat down at his laptop to check for movie times; do you scroll through his messages or quickly avert your eyes and open a new browser window?

A recent study revealed that British wives snoop through their husbands’ emails, texts, and internet browsing history almost twice as much as the men do. Although the study doesn’t go into the cause of the statistical difference, it does conclude that women actively engage technology in order to monitor the behaviors of their significant other.

Technology has given us many different, oftentimes innovative, ways to spy on boyfriends and husbands. The question is, do you jump at the opportunity or refrain from indulging your curiosity?

Have you or would you ever snoop? If you did, what did you find? Vote and share your stories in the comments below.

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