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It has been found that people who made it to the ranks of power are far more inclined to cheat.
| By Genuis | 2011 |

That is understandable since power generates stronger ambition that can feed on anything regardless. Moreover, powerful people are likely to consider themselves to be impervious to criticism. That goes for both men and women, although, there being fewer women than men on top positions, they are less vulnerable to the inclination to go astray.

Professor Joris Lammers at Tilburg University in Holland who conducted a study of 1,561 top-echelon professionals paid special attention to the gender factor (which hadn’t been done before). He says that, looking from the standpoint of gender, people are wont to assume that it’s men who stoop to cheating – due to long-distance and frequent trips they have to make and the habit of making risky decisions. But actually no correlation was found by the researchers between high-ranking men and women. It’s the position and not the gender that counts in relation to cheating.

Therefore, when judging a perspective suitor and laying out your priorities, take this factor into consideration as well – a high-position partner may cherish confidence at his ability to put one over on you no matter how sincere his or her feelings for you are!

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