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Summer Skin Alert! FDA Changes Rules about Sunscreen

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We’ve all been using our sunscreen, so why are skin cancer rates on the rise, even among young women?

| by Jennifer | 2011 |

The FDA thinks it might be because of confusing, deceptive sunscreen labeling, so this week, they’ve moved to force manufacturers to be more forthcoming with their labels.

I agree with the FDA: sunscreen labels are so confusing! Sunblock vs. sunscreen, water-proof vs. water-resistant vs. sweat-proof, and what exactly does that SPF number MEAN? Starting next summer, the FDA is making manufacturers be a little more clear about what their sunscreens and sunblocks do.

First, they’re making manufacturers include the broad-spectrum protection offered by their products. There are two types of harmful rays, UVA and UVB, but right now, labels don’t have to say whether they offer protection from one or both. Also, they’ll no longer be able to say they’re “water-proof,” since, really, no sunscreen or sunblock is water-proof! The best they’ll be able to say is that they’re “water resistant,” which means they’ll have to be re-applied every couple of hours.

But what are we consumers to do THIS summer? Dermatologists are recommending using plenty of broad-spectrum sunblock (like Philosophy Shelter Broad Spectrum Sunscreen for Face and Body) and applying it liberally, then re-applying it every couple of hours. Maybe even have a hunky handsome guy apply it for you!

Let’s be careful with our skin, sweeties! And hopefully next summer, we’ll be able to choose a sunscreen without being wildly confused about what we’re getting!

For more info, visit the FDA website.

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