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Top 10 Most Romantic Birthday Gifts for Your Man!0 comments

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Bring out the romantic in you!
| by Mercy Mathews |

Try surprising your man with these easy to make and frugal romantic gift ideas. He’ll be glad you invested some time in making him something special!

1. Naughty jar
You could fill up a glass jar with paper chits. In each chit mention one romantic aspect of your relationship. You could get imaginative and write down some naughty things as well! Once it’s made just ask him to pick one chit out every morning and read it before going to office!

2. Treasure hunt!
We bet you played treasure hunt when you were kid. Well then you know the rules of the game! Just place one clue in a place where he’ll find it in the morning. That clue should lead him to another place where he will find the next clue. Your link of clues should lead him to the hidden gift! Great way to keep him guessing!

3. Call his friends over!
Maybe he wants his birthday to be a quiet affair – after all he’s grown up and all! But who doesn’t like a surprise birthday bash? So go ahead and call his friends but keep it a surprise. Then watch his jaw drop as he sees his friends call out ‘Happy Birthday’ when he comes through the door!

4. Write a poem!
This one’s a little tricky but it’s possible! Even if you are not a poetic genius with a little imagination it is possible. Just be honest and write it from your heart. It doesn’t even have to rhyme!

5. Cook him his favourite meal!
This one’s a classic way to please your man! Try cooking up his favourite meal. Look up on the Net for free recipes or if you have a cookbook at home get creative in the kitchen! Then watch him eat merrily away!

6. 100 reasons I love you
Make him feel good about himself on his birthday! Write him 100 notes on reasons why you love him! On each note write a different reason. He will be mighty pleased and highly flattered!

7. Fortune cookies
Fortune cookies are not just for grandmothers. Bake your own special batch with a naughty fortune message inside! So let him savour the delectable taste of the cookies and then let him open the notes inside to reveal what you have in store for him!

8. Your first kiss
Take him to the place where you two first kissed! Try using clues to lead him to the place. Then when he gets there, kiss him! This is one gift he will always remember – fondly!

9. Romantic getaways
You could purchase a travel gift voucher for a romantic weekend getaway. Then leave some rose petals to clues that eventually lead to the voucher! He will be extremely pleased.

10. The best gift – time
This is by far the best gift you could ever give each other! No watching TV or cooking and cleaning – just quiet time talking to each other. It will do wonders for your relationship!

If you notice none of these gifts require a lot of money. That’s because money can’t buy love. Time, patience and understanding do!

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