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Would You Rather Have Your Mates Love Or Respect?

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Men are wired totally differently than women.

| by Nikkita Michelle |

Aguy can cheat on you with million girls, but truly only be in love with you. Which is more important love or respect? I have my theories. I want to hear yours.

One reply on “Would You Rather Have Your Mates Love Or Respect?”

I would rather have respect. If your mate respects you, out of respect he wouldn’t say or do anything disrespectful towards, such as cheating. He would be honest and tell you that he wishes to keep his options open and that he’s not ready for a commitment. Love on the other hand doesn’t prevent your lover from cheating on you. They will say things like, “She doesn’t mean anything to me, I love you.” They can’t seem to understand or wrap their minds around the fact that it’s not just about love. It’s about the betrayal and lack of respect for you. The only time they can relate to this phenomenon is when the same scenario happens to them. Go figure … SMH

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