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12 Sizzling Foreplay Tips to Try on Your Man Right Now

What’s with all the attention on women and foreplay anyway?

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What’s with all the attention on women and foreplay anyway?
| by Sheila |

Not that I’m complaining, but c’mon, our menfolk need to be teased and tantalized just as much. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always “Wham, Bam, Thank you Mam” when it comes to your man. So show him that his needs matter and drive him mad with these sizzling foreplay tips…

1. Sneak Peek

Why wait till the two of you get to the bedroom? Give him a sneak peek of what’s instore for him. For example, If the two of you are at a romantic dinner date, graze his thighs gently and give him the “I want you now” look and then kiss him passionately on the cab ride home. Or if he’s at work, send him naughty messages or a risqué photo of yourself, if you’re brave enough. Don’t be surprised if he rushes home early.

2. Strip tease

Men are visual creatures. So treat him to a strip tease with slow, seductive moves as you slide your clothes off bit by bit. Afraid you don’t know any moves? Google away and practise when he’s not around. If you are too shy, drink a glass of wine or two together. It’ll loosen you up and your “perfomance anxiety” will go out the window (as will your clothes).

3. Kiss Kiss Baby

Nothing gets me in the mood like a nice,long, passionate kiss and I know it would have the same effect on most men . Start off with gentle little kisses, moving on to a full fledged lusty kiss, tongue et all, while your hand explores every nook and cranny of his body. Don’t forget to use your tongue on his ever sensitive neck and ears.

4. Be the boss

Men like it when their women take control in bed. And no, I’m not talking bondage or anything extreme or uncomfortable. Get on top of him and simply let him know that you’re in charge and that he better listen to you or else there will be “dire consequences.” For added measure, spank him gently so he knows you mean it.

5. Massage

Who says only women enjoy a sensual massage? Do the same for your man and I promise you, he will want you more than he ever has. If you have time on your hands, bring out the massage oils, light some candles, play soft music…basically,the whole nine yards.

6. Role-playing

Nothing like good old role playing to add some intensity to your bedroom games. There are endless possible storylines and while there is no need for costumes, you could always try on a wig, pretend you’re his favorite celebrity or some exotic princess from a far away land…

7. No hands

Play a game. Rules of the game? That he can do whatever he wants to you without using his hands. The added challenge will make it exciting and just so much more fun!

8. Mirror mirror on the wall

If you can manage it, get a big mirror and place it strategically in your bedroom. I don’t know what it is about watching themselves that drives men over the edge, but it works and how!

9. Icy breath

Temperature can play a big role in heightening his arousal. Start by letting your parted lips linger somewhere on his body like his stomach or chest, then slowly exhale to let him feel the rush of hot air. To cool him down, make him lie on his back and use an ice cube to slowly draw an icy line all over his body.The temperature change between hot and cold will drive him nuts! What would we ever do without Cosmo and their tips?!

10. Dirty talking

While it comes naturally to some women, the rest of us fumble and mumble when it comes to dirty talking. Do what I did. Google a few standard lines and shoot them like a pro. For example: “Do you like that baby?”, “That feels sooo good.” Add in a few moans and “yes”-es and you’re set. Someday I will master the art of dirty talking andwhat a glorious day that will be!

11. Blindfold him

I know I said men are visual but sometimes sensations can work just as well, if not better. Blindfold him using a scarf and then work your magic. Run your hands all over him. Let him feel your warm breath over him, the silk of your lingerie and when he leasts expects it, go down on him stop abruptly and go back to gently teasing him. The suspense of your next move will kill him (in a good way).

12. Go where no man…err woman has gone before

Lastly, don’t be afraid to try something new. Change things up. Experiment. Push the boundaries. You never know what amazing discoveries you might make!

So the next time you’re in bed with him, don’t head right for his little friend. Surprise him, tease him and blow his socks off! Remember the rules of karma, what goes around comes around 😀

Do you have some amazing foreplay tips to share yourself? Go on, we’re listening…

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