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15 Signs You’re Meant To Be

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Even when you’re crazy about someone, it can often be hard to know if he or she is “right” for you.
| by Tango |

How do you know you won’t feel differently in a year? Ten years? A lifetime? Deciding if you can commit to someone is a deeply personal determination, and everyone has different criteria.

Sex & Love

7 Reasons Women are Attracted to Older Men

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Being married to a man much older than myself, I think I have a good idea for at least 7 reasons women are attracted to older men.
| by Aprille Ross |

Itried to cover just 7, but there are quite a few more reasons that I prefer older men to men my own age as well as those younger than I.


“My Fiancé Won’t Get Rid of His Old Wedding Pictures!”

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Woman wants advice because her fiancé keeps photos of his first wedding in their home.
| by DearWendy |

Dear Wendy,

My fiancé and I have been together for three years and we’re getting married this June.


D.C. Fashion Week Kicks Off

Photos: Chris Bien / Shy
Its that time of year again, DC Fashion Week kicks off its 14th Season at the upscale Greek restaurant; Kellari Taverna, on K Street.
| by Sana Akibu | 2011 |

The event featured Washington DC’s designers, models, buyers, vendors, socialites, and fashionistas.


7 Great Antiperspirants for Women

Antiperspirants //
What did women do to stay dry and odor-free before deodorant and antiperspirants were invented?
| by Jennifer |

Idon’t even want to think about it… my grandmother tells me women wore pads sewn into the underarms of their dresses, which to me sounds both awkward and smelly.