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5 Reasons Why Men Like Anal Sex


We’ve come along way when it comes to sex, and we’ve come an even longer way when it comes to anal sex.
| by Nick |

Gone are the days of thinking that anal sex was something that only homosexuals do; nowadays, 25% of heterosexual couples engage in anal sex on a regular basis.

And while some of you may cringe at the mere thought of letting a penis into your butt, if you gave it an open-hearted chance, you may find that you enjoy it more than you imagine.

And despite what you might have heard or read, anal sex is not dangerous if done right, and it should never cause pain. If it does, either you’re not ready or your man is simply not patient enough to move in slowly.

If you’re still hesitant about giving in to your man’s fantasy of having anal sex with you, perhaps my shedding some light on why he wants it will help.

1. It gives us a sense of power …

Although it sounds very territorial, the fact that we control the situation and lay on top of you is very empowering. As well, you put your sexual satisfaction (or perhaps, lack thereof) in our hands, entrusting us with your pleasure sense.

Men love the idea of entering you from behind and relish in the thought of sparking all those anal nerve endings and giving you the ultimate climax. And if you enjoy it and reach orgasm because of it, we really do want to sit up and beat our chests with pride.

2. You trust us …

The fact that you’re letting us into a part of yourself that requires the utmost trust gives us a really fantastic feeling within. And no, it’s not just a sexual one.

If you’re nervous about anal sex and you agree to try it with us, it makes us feel like a million bucks; our woman is putting all her trust into the fact that we will be caring and loving and not rip her anus in two. It means the world to us.

3. It’s something new …

While vaginal sex is simply fantastic, to say the least, at some point, everything becomes the norm. So when the topic of anal sex arises, you can bet that our radar perks up a bit and we become giddy about the prospect of something sexy and new.

Like having sex with a new woman or engaging in a threesome , anal sex represents a part of all the crazy things we’d like to one day do in bed. And if you enjoy it half as much as we do, well it makes it that much sweeter.

4. We love your butt …

Your butt is awesome and most men enjoy getting up close and personal with women’s butts. So when we get to have sex with the very butt that we’ve spent so much time admiring, you can bet that we feel like we’ve hit the jackpot.

Climbing on top of you and placing our penis within your anal cavity may not sound half as fascinating to you, but couple that with our ability to caress and perhaps spank your bottom spontaneously, and life is good for men.

5. It’s very tight …

No matter how great you are at performing Kegel exercises, there’s a pretty good chance that your butt hole will always be tighter than your vaginal one. Keep in mind that the vagina was designed to bring a child into the world; the butt, not so much.

So when we get access to this sacred area of your body, we know that our penis will feel the squeeze of tightness coming from your anus. And although you will never understand the sensation because you can never fully feel it yourself, you need to know that the sensation is unlike anything else a man will ever experience.

A man who loves anal sex is not weird or gay or any of those things that used to be associated with anal sex. He is simply a man who enjoys the company of his woman and wants to explore her body to the depths, which includes feeling her from the back.

2 replies on “5 Reasons Why Men Like Anal Sex”

Great post, Nick! My partner hasn’t really ever shown any interest to it, though he’s a rather avid fan of my backside and doggy is his favourite – but I guess for us both, going even further back is a little … well gross lol. After I found this article (a little similar to yours) from PinkyCloud (, I discussed this with him but he still seems not to be a fan so I can breath more lightly. But I guess I understand this point of view … If he’d ever wish for it, I think I’d even be on board – if there’s complete love and trust in a relationship, there’s no reason to say no to such wish.

Reading this made me giggle lol.  Nice insight from a mans point of view!

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