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6 Practical Tips For Giving Him The Best Orgasm Of His Life


Men’s orgasms may never be as intense as the screaming, multiple orgasms that many women are capable of.
| by Scott Alden | //

But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be better than average or even earth-shattering, mind-blowing, toe-curling, etc.

Just like with women, there are psychological, emotional and physical things that contribute to the quality of a man’s orgasm. Every guy is, of course, different, but here are 6 tips that will up the intensity that don’t involve cough drops, donuts or or other bizarre gimmicks.

1. Know When It’s Coming: Get to know your partner and learn the tell-tale signs. Is there a twitch? A sudden stiffening? Heavier breathing? If you can learn to tell when his orgasm is coming ‘round the bend, you’ll be able to make it more awesome when it happens.

2. Talk To Him: One thing that can make a guy’s orgasm kind of a bummer? Feeling like it happened too suddenly and it wasn’t that big a deal when it did. Tell that you really want it to happen. Right now. Let him know how hot it is for you when he comes. Just knowing that might help him to really let go in a way he normally wouldn’t.

3. Tell Him Where: Let me be perfectly clear and say that you absolutely do not have to emulate porn in order to satisfy your guy. But if you’re comfortable with it (or even turned on by it), inviting him to come somewhere on you is … really nice.

Why? It’s hard to say, but here’s my theory: Many men still have residual insecurities from their adolescence. We worry that women think our junk (and what comes out of it) kind of… gross. And it’s embarrassing.
So, maybe telling us that you want it on you helps us to put those fears aside and makes us feel like sexy, confident, grown men. In any case, we like it.

If you actually are grossed out by the prospect, or just aren’t comfortable with it, that’s fine. Just don’t do it. Telling him that you want it inside you (or inside a condom, more likely, but the sentiment is what’s important) will do the trick, too.

4. Grab His Butt: Yep. When you’re having intercourse and he’s about to finish, grab him by the butt and pull him in. It’s a way to say “I really want it,” without saying anything at all.

5. Nipples: Not all guys have particularly sensitive nipples (not all women do either, from what I understand), but some do. And some really do. Flicking his nipples with your tongue or fingers or squeezing them gently right before he comes can heighten the sensation and result in more of a full-body orgasm.

6. Draw It Out (But Not Too Much): The longer it takes, the better it is. Unless it takes forever. The happy medium here is to try to get a guy close to coming as quickly as you can, then tease him once he’s there to extend the experience.

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