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7 Ways to Keep Your Mouth Healthy0 comments

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What’s the first thing you notice about a guy?
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Me, I notice a guy’s smile… which makes me think that it’s pretty likely that might be what guys are seeing when THEY look at ME! So I always make sure my teeth are clean and that my smile is bright and healthy. I’m always pestering my dentist for new ways to keep my mouth healthy, and here are his tips…

1. Brush twice a day
Sure, you learned to keep your teeth brushed when you were a kid, but I was shocked to learn how many adults don’t brush every day! I brush TWICE a day, and my dentist says that’s best. Brush once in the morning, and once at night before bed… and if you can, brush after lunch, too!

2. Floss once a day
My dentist also recommends, or rather, demands, that I floss once a day. He says it’s best to do it before brushing at bedtime, to make sure the spaces between our teeth are clean, and not harboring bits of food. Nasty!

3. Rinse once a day
There are lots of rinses out there, all of them promising a cleaner, healthier mouth or a whiter smile. Choose a rinse that gives you what you want, whether it’s that whiter smile or the fresher breath, and use it once a day, before or after brushing, according to the directions on the bottle.

4. Get cleanings every 6 months
Your dentist and hygienist are the perfect team for making sure your smile is gorgeous and your mouth is healthy, so be sure to visit them every 6 months. If they feel you need more frequent visit, or to see you less often, they’ll let you know… and nothing feels better than a good teeth cleaning!

5. Treat problems right away!
If you notice a problem in your mouth, whether it’s an odd sore or a loose filling, get to your dentist as soon as you can. Problems with your teeth and gums can get worse quickly, and who wants that?

6. Beware of foods that stain teeth
Even if your mouth is healthy, it may not look that way if your teeth are stained! So avoid things that can make your teeth look less-than-lovely, like coffee, tea, red wine, chocolate, and blueberries. Sure, these things are delicious, so you don’t have to skip them altogether — just use in moderation.

7. Never smoke or use chewing tobacco!
No matter how healthy your mouth is now, or how white your smile, smoking cigarettes or using chewing tobacco is a sure way to ruin it all. First of all, it’s just plain NASTY, and smells awful. No-one wants to kiss someone with bad smoker’s breath! Second, it can cause so many health issues, including oral and throat cancer… and it can destroy your teeth and gums! If you haven’t started, don’t… and if you have started, quit. If you can’t quit on your own, then get help… the sooner, the better!

Follow these rules for a healthy mouth from my dentist, and you’ll be sure to attract attention every time you smile! Do you have any other ways to keep your mouth healthy to share? Please let me know… I love hearing them!

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