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Giorgio Armani’s Armani/Privé Fragrance Collection


Giorgio Armani is expanding its Couture Editions line, part of the Armani/Privé Collection, with a new fragrance inspired by the Armani/Privé Ombre & Lumière apparel couture collection.
| by Roger Scoble \ 2014

Layering, generous volumes and contrasts between sheer and opaque fabrics are among the hallmarks of the Italian design house’s Spring-Summer 2014 couture collection.

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Hot Shop

Photo: 4NX¢ 1019 U Street
Photo: 4NX¢ 1019 U Street
The ideal outfit. It’s elusive and often hard to find. But shopping shouldn’t be that way. You should be able to go to the store and actually find pieces to take home because they were all “so you.”
| by Jan F. Lee | Shy M. |

Not only does it feel really good, but it makes shopping a lot less difficult and a lot more pleasurable. Well, we’ve found the mother load: 4NX¢.

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What’s Your Handbag Alternative?

Photo: Montrose Images |
Photo: Montrose Images |
Sad but true: I haven’t carried a proper handbag since fashion week.
| by Jenny Feldman |

I always make an effort during the shows because I don’t want to be that girl schlepping the huge, bottomless, dirty tote bag spilling out with receipts, random shoes and pacifiers (hello, I’m a mom!). But the truth is, I am that girl and not the girl with the quilted Chanel. Okay, I have a quilted Chanel too—and lots of other nice bags—but they fit only about .2 % of my life. So, usually, I go to work with a ginormo canvas tote; on a bad day, I’ve got two of ’em.