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Health on the Plate: Nutrition for Women


At least three times a day we have the opportunity to positively affect our health with the food choices we make.

Balancing taste, cost, ease, time and nutrition can become unwieldy, but we do our best and hope that we are giving ourselves the basics that we need.

Those needs vary by age, activity and gender. Women require specialized nutrition and providing it can have a big impact on health and longevity.

Women have a lower average weight than men. As well as smaller lean muscle mass. Muscle requires greater energy supply to maintain. These factors combine to explain why recommended calorie goals for women are lower than for men – typically 400 calories a day lower. Food choices then have extra importance, since women must meet their nutritional needs within a smaller plate. Add to that a woman’s additional dietary needs and you appreciate the challenge that every woman faces as she chooses meals for herself and the women and girls in her life. Read more…

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