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Quinoa Looks So Good Like This

Photo: Test With Skewer //
Have you ever seen a photo of food that totally changes your thoughts about said food?
| by Sarah Jio |

Now, I love quinoa, but I was feeling a little burned out on the ancient grain until I saw this yummy photo, and suddenly, I want it for breakfast!

I told you about my love of quinoa in the past (this salad was a staple in my house for months, in fact!). But then, well, I got a little quinoa-ed out, gals.

But now, suddenly, I’m craving this grain with ferocity again after seeing it as a star ingredient in the dainty little breakfast above viaSharon over at Test With Skewer, suddenly I want to drizzles it with maple syrup and serve it with yogurt and fresh fruit. Yum!

Refresher: Quinoa is naturally high in protein and has a really delicious rich and nutty flavor. A little higher in calories than other grains, yes, but we won’t dwell on that.

Do you eat quinoa for breakfast? Doesn’t this look yummy?

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