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7 Romantic Things Your Man Wants You to Do


In most cases, men are the ones who are being prompted to do all the romancing in relationships but did you know there are actually some romantic things to do for your special someone that he likes and would appreciate from you?!
Lisa Washington |

Guys might come off as tough and not very emotional but they like a little romance in their lives too so I collected

Sex & Love

7 Romantic Dates That Don’t Cost a Dime


With the economy the way it is, you may think that you can’t afford to surprise your sweetie with well planned dates as they can be quite costly, but trust me, you can plan fantastic romantic dates that cost nothing.
| by Jenny O’Hara |

You can use things you already have and places you can go for free to create an affectionate atmosphere that will bring you two closer.

Sex & Love

Flowers Make Women Give Out Their Phone Numbers

Photo: getty Images //
A new study suggests that bouquets offer more bang for the buck—literally.
| by eHarmony |

Flowers traditionally have a lot of common associations with romance: picking the petals off wondering if he loves you or not