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Health on the Plate: Nutrition for Women


At least three times a day we have the opportunity to positively affect our health with the food choices we make.

Balancing taste, cost, ease, time and nutrition can become unwieldy, but we do our best and hope that we are giving ourselves the basics that we need.


7 Festive Holiday Beauty Ideas to Try


Try out these easy yet eye-catching holiday beauty ideas to add some oomph to your everyday beauty routine or wear out to a special occasion.
| by Lisa Washington \

You can do so much with makeup and part of the fun is experimenting and trying out to new shades and techniques! Make your holiday season even brighter with these 7 festive and fabulous holiday beauty ideas.

Sex & Love

5 Kinds Of Girls Men Actually Hate

Modern society makes its own rules and regulations.
| by geniusbeauty | 2014 |

We are all accustomed to the popular belief that all men like long-legged mannequins with a Hollywood smile and outstanding forms.

Do Men Prefer Models?

That is why many girls torture themselves with diets and suffer to exhaustion trying to approximate their appearance to the ideal. But if men really needed such sacrifices, then humanity