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13 Reasons Why Women Say “No” to Anal Sex …

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First of all, I am going to be very open with the readers of my blog. I am not against anal sex.
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If you do it with the one you love and do it right, it can be fun. However, I have recently read a blog on here that a lady posted called

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Afternoon Snack: BLT Meet The ALT!

Photo: Test With Skewer |
Photo: Test With Skewer |
I told you guys about my love for tartines, little open faced sandwiches for snacks and how dietitians say this is a fabulous snack. So, I found a little tartine inspiration recently, and had to share it with you.
| by Sarah Jio |

Idon’t know what’s going on, but I’ve been totally craving a BLT (you know, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich). And I don’t even like bacon that much! My solution: An ALT (avocado, lettuce, or maybe arugula, and tomato sandwich), inspired by a post over at Test With Skewer. But for a snack, I’ll use just one slice of bread and make it an open-faced sandwich.